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K-12 Guided School Tours

 At Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, nature is our classroom. We offer fun and innovative guided educational tours that connect students to nature. Discover native riparian, sage scrub, oak woodland, and chaparral habitats. Explore the relationships between plants, animals, soil, insects, and water. Investigate plant and animal adaptations used for survival. Learn the history of the canyons and see the tools and artifacts of local Native Americans. All school tours are based on the State of California adopted academic standards and specifically structured for each grade level, but the topic emphasis can be customized to accommodate your lesson plans. Tours are available for K-12 classes.

Fee: $8 per student. $3 per chaperone. $120 minimum. Teachers free. Reservations fill quickly. Please book your reservation early.

Book your tour today! Call (714) 649-2760 to make a reservation.

Tour Topics by Grade Level

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Tours can be customized to cater to the needs of your group based on the topics listed below: 

Native American – Take a walk back in time to see how local indigenous peoples lived off the land. This program allows students to see how natural resources were used to develop the rich, complex culture of local First People. Learn some of the ways native plants were used for food and medicine, to create art, and to make the tools necessary for daily life.    A large display of traditional items including tools, musical instruments, games, hunting and fishing gear and other items are available for close-up examination.  

Biology/GeologyInvestigate plant and animal life and the adaptations they have developed to survive in their habitat. Students will gain insight into Orange County’s diverse landscape. Discover the forces that created our mountains, woodlands and deserts. 

Ornithology – Learn about native birds that call Orange County home. Discover what makes a bird a bird. Test your observation skills. Explore basic bird-watching techniques using binoculars and learn the importance of using keys or field guides to identify species. Understand how a bird’s adaptations help them to survive in the wild.

Botany – Discover what makes Orange County’s natural habitats so unique. Explore different habitats – riparian (near water), oak woodlands, coastal sage scrub and our fragile chaparral. See how native plants have developed adaptations to survive in their environment. Use your senses to experience hands-on some of the characteristics that make our native plants unique.

College Educators

Want to bring your class to Tucker for a self-guided tour? Call 714 649-2760 to make a reservation. Donations gladly accepted.