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Who to Call

In most situations, the best way to help wild animals is to leave them in their natural habitat. Many times animals manage to get through difficulties on their own. When it comes to birds in particular, many types of young birds often leave the safety of their nests a few days before they learn to fly. Although the parents might not be visible, they may still be tending to their young. If you find a young bird you think is abandoned, be sure that it is truly in danger before removing it from the area.

List of local rehabiliatorsClover 2

  • List of rehabilitators in Orange County and surrounding areas, click here
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife rehabilitation facilities list, click here
  • For more wildlife rescue resources, click here

Never attempt to care for an injured or abandoned animal yourself. 

It is against the law to keep a wild bird or animal without the proper permit in the state of California. Please contact a local rehabilitator immediately for assistance.